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Why should you use a professional CV writer?

Surely no one can write your CV better than you, right? Not necessarily! Like any professional service, a good CV writer will provide expertise to help you get better results than you would by going it alone, saving you time, cost and frustration.

I get that it feels odd to hand over your entire professional narrative to someone you've never met, so here are a 5 reasons why taking a professional approach to CV writing is a good idea. As The CV Bee, I will work with you and help you to:

✅ Articulate your experience as evidence-based achievements - rather than as a list of tasks or duties 😴

✅ Present your professional profile as a communication tool, with clear structure and formatting – no pictures, no tables, no crazy fonts🤪

✅ Avoid cliches, jargon and irrelevant details that don’t add value - it goes without saying that your references are available on request 🤐

✅ Provide a critical eye to ensure spelling and grammar are correct - don’t be that detail-orientated manger 😬

✅ Explain how to adjust your CV for each role to which you apply - and why you should consider the role of ATS technology in the process 🤔

When working with me, your CV will always be yours - what I do is to provide an objective perspective, carefully crafted content and a simple format that presents you at your best.

All my CVs are written for each individual client and are never generic, with the one-to-one consultation and ongoing communication meaning we have the perfect combination of your voice and my expertise.

With a combination of your voice, my expertise and our ongoing communication, we will create a CV that tells your professional story with authenticity and impact.

Get in touch with me at to find out more.

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